Map Generation Biome – 3D Zonation Altitude/Temperature/Moisture

I’m working on an endless map generator and I have a question about biomes selection.

I already have all the work done to generate PerlinNoise (actually for map height and moisture) but every graph I found take only account of Temperature/Moisture. (Or sometime Latitude/Moisture but as i’m into an Endless map do not exist).

Example found on Google:

enter image description here enter image description here


  • Do I can assume that height of the map represent the temparature ? So high level are always cold and under snow, but sea level are always desert.
  • Do I need another noise (for Temperature) and found a 3D table to select biome (I didn’t found any) ??

Holdridge life zones

I also found a kind of 3D Zonation with Holdridge life zones but I don’t see how the 3 axis works.. enter image description here

I don’t see how to implement my 3 axis into this (Image (1)).

I also try (into Image (2)) to create a 3D version of it, but using triangular force me to handle High as Cold and Dry ?

So I think my real need is a simple 3D axis representing all cases between [0;1] (Image (3)) but I never saw stuff like that ??

enter image description here

Any ideas ?