MariaDb 10.4 not starting in a freebsd jail after update

ran a pkg update and mariadb seems to be broken. Cant find out what the reason might be after 2h our googling and digging. Help to figure out would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. The hostname.err shows no additional entries after DB start (the try to start)

FreeBSD nextcloud 12.2-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p6 df578562304(HEAD) TRUENAS amd64

mariadb104-client-10.4.19 Multithreaded SQL database (client) mariadb104-server-10.4.19 Multithreaded SQL database (server)

root@nextcloud:~ # service mysql-server start Starting mysql. root@nextcloud:~ # service mysql-server status mysql is not running. root@nextcloud:~ #  root@nextcloud:/tmp # cat /etc/rc.conf cron_flags="$  cron_flags -J 15"  # Disable Sendmail by default sendmail_enable="NO" sendmail_submit_enable="NO" sendmail_outbound_enable="NO" sendmail_msp_queue_enable="NO"  # Run secure syslog syslogd_flags="-c -ss"  # Enable IPv6 ipv6_activate_all_interfaces="YES" apache24_enable="yes" mysql_enable="yes" redis_enable="yes" php_fpm_enable="yes" 

Server Startup sh -x /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server start

root@nextcloud:~ # cat /usr/local/etc/mysql/my.cnf # # This group is read both by the client and the server # use it for options that affect everything, see # # [client-server] port    = 3306 socket  = /tmp/mysql.sock #socket  = /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock # # include *.cnf from the config directory # !includedir /usr/local/etc/mysql/conf.d/