Mathamatica: soln=NDSolve[{pde,u[x],{x}” cannot be followed by

I try to solve this third order PDE using Mathematica wolframscript in Linux:

   In[37]:= pde=I*D3[u[x],x]+e^{x^2}*D[u[x],x]==D[u[x],x]                                                        2                            x Out[37]= {I D3[u[x], x] + e   u'[x]} == u'[x]  In[38]:= soln=NDSolve[{pde,u[x],{x}], u[0]==0, u'[0]==1, u''[0]==-1, u'''[0]==0} , u[x],x]                                                   

But I get the following error:

Syntax::sntxf: "soln=NDSolve[{pde,u[x],{x}" cannot be followed by      "], u[0]==0, u'[0]==1, u''[0]==-1, u'''[0]==0}, u[x],x]". 

I see that something is wrong here, but what is it, is it the formatting or is it the initial conditions typing?