Mathematical research in North Korea — reference request

Question: Where can one find information on which areas of mathematics are represented at which of the more than 20 universities in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and on which mathematicians are working there?

The DPRK is a country with a population of about 25 million people, and it is industrialised to a degree which has permitted it to successfully construct nuclear weapons and ICBM’s. So one would expect that there are a decent number of mathematicians working at its universities.

However as the country operates an intranet of its own, not much from there is visible from the open internet. — So in particular Google will not help much further here. Also, most results by researchers from the DPRK are published only in national journals, and mathematicians from the country cannot be found in the Mathematics Genealogy Database.

On the other hand, people in the DPRK who need the internet for their work do have access — of course with sites like Google or Facebook blocked as allowing these would open all doors for the CIA, the NSA et cetera. Also, the exchange of email between people in the DPRK and people elsewhere in the world is possible (possibly monitored, for the obvious reasons of national security — keep in mind that the US are formally still at war with the country, and have recently even threatened it with total destruction).

As a side note — general impressions from the country can be obtained from Korea Central TV (TV broadcasts on workdays from about 06:00 UTC to 13:30 UTC, thus from the morning to the early afternoon in European time zones, roughly during the night in American time zones and roughly in the afternoon and in the evening in Asian time zones). A documentation which has been broadcast there on January 5, 2019 can be watched here.

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