May I link to SRD in a document under OGL?

I am writing a house rules document for a Pathfinder game. Not publishing it would be a pity, and not using OGL to publish it likewise, since publishing the house rules under OGL allows others to use the same content.

Can I add links to various SRDs in the document?

For example, if I link to the website of Paizo, the link might be The link contains the word paizo, which is designated as product identity in Paizo’s SRD. I suspect that this is also the case with SRDs maintained by third parties.

Quoting or not quoting text from other OGL content

Currently I do not quote any text from any other OGL publication (aside from the license text). Later, I may quote such material, which would make it necessary for me to attribute the text to its proper source. Suppose the source is a Pathfinder product (and the quoted text is open content). Does this change the answer to the first question?

Content of the document

The document has content such as: “Player may choose zero or one traits for the character, or two traits and one drawback.”

It also contains more substantial content, such as a rewritten version of the content of this blog post: