media file uploading

    i am using this query in my plugin to uploading media file , when i keep it file in wp_enqueue_script it working properly except after i select the image , this code does not return on wordpress page.        $  content .='<div class="col-sm-6">';      $  content .='<label class="fo">Upload Image</label>';     $  content .='<input type="button" type="button" name="txt_image"id="txt_image" class="form-control"style=" font: italic bold 12px/30px Georgia, serif;font-size:20px;" value="Upload Image">'; $  content .='<img src="" id="getImage" style="height:100px;width:100px;"/>';     $  content .='<input type="hidden" name="student_image" id="student_image"/>';     $  content .='</div>'; <script>     jQuery(document).on("click","#txt_image",function(){                      var image ={               title:"Upload Image",               multiple:false           }).open().on("select", function(e){                              var uploaded_image = image.state().get("selection").first();             var image_data = uploaded_image.toJSON();                           jQuery("#getImage").attr("src", image_data.url);              jQuery("#student_image").val(image_data.url);                          });                                        }); </script>