Merging folders with the same name from different Location

Hello I have this problem and want a solution to it is a script CMD / PowerShell commands?

the problem is i have many folders in one folder In one path : like this :

C:\folders Aileエル@お仕事募集中 ctrlz77 Enka 218 Kakiman Mika Pikazo 

i want to move and Merging the folders in multi direction have the same name of the folders like this:

c:\ALL\art 1\Aileエル@お仕事募集中 c:\ALL\art pro\ctrlz77 c:\ALL\pro\go\Enka c:\ALL\pro\good8 c:\ALL art 2\Kakiman c:\ALL art 2\Mika Pikazo 

attention : Must have the same name Because there are some files that contain my part of the filename Example :

C:\folders Ailevhomo Ailev wtr99pro wtr