Merits of Dresden Files over World of Darkness

For someone who is already moderately familiar with the World of Darkness (not Chronicles of Darkness) setting and its lore, what are, if any, rationales for jumping ship to Dresden Files instead? Now, before someone misreads this as an invitation to start a subjective ‘my favourite game is best’ contest, I would like to add a few clarifications and scope-narrowers to my question:

  • Of course being fully familiar with more settings gives one more options and is better than knowing only few or one, but getting deeply acquainted with settings takes investment, whether one is a GM or player, and so it’s best to know what one is signing up for.
  • I’m looking for comparisons specifically about setting/lore, not cruch/systems.
  • I’m looking at advantages that while may contain an element of subjectivity, are generally observable and rationally explainable, and likely to be applicable to many people. For example, being better suited for certain types of plots, or enabling certain types of character concepts (that WoD doesn’t support as well), or having rich and deep characterisation of setting elements (that are bland in WoD). That sort of stuff.
  • WoD is something of a default go-to Wainscot Fantasy setting for RPGs, while DF seems to be a newcomer trying to fight for the same niche, so I’m treating the former as an incumbent and the latter that may need ‘selling points’. Thus I’m asking primarily about the merits of DF and not about its downsides. But if someone wants to includes downsides for completeness, that’s not useless information, just less important than merits.
  • While right now I’m looking at this from the PoV of my own investments, I suspect if I end up acquainting myself with DF, I may end up in a position where I’m the one ‘selling’ people onto it from WoD circles.