Migrate from Standalone Instance to Failover Node Instance

I am fairly new to the MS SQL and i am currently working on a project at my company. We have a ERP System built on a SQL Server and we want to create a SQL failover node.

The original configuration is like this :

SQL Standalone Instance SERVER -> SAN Storage (Storage for MDF & LDF).

Is it possible to create a new server, install SQL Server Failover Instance from scratch, then connect the same primary SAN Storage. Import all the user credentials from standalone (original instance) to the new server.?

And when ready to migrate, we simply turn off the Standalone SQL Server, and attach all mdf files in the new server? will this method be good to migrate from standalone instance to failover instance?

Then we have a one node sql cluster available for users to work on

Later we uninstall standalone instance and install a failover sql node on the source Server, then WSFC etc, making it 2 node SQL Cluster?

I thank you for any help that you could provide.