Mind-maps conventions, best practices and approaches

I encountered this issue when prepping for a big arc in my campaign, let me explain:

The players are entering a place where there are three main factions (A B C ) and possibly minor ones (D E). The factions have interconnections with each others: ( X1: if the dragon appears A does attacks B; X2 C tries to do steal from A’s vault) etc etc. On top of this, the actions of the characters influence what each faction does with the characters and with other factions (X3: if the characters contact B first, A knows and resents them etc etc).

Now, i wrote this down in prose, with a bit of structure etc etc but there’s a good chance to miss things when the list of X1, X2 … grows too large. For example, something in X1 may be influenced by something in X10 that is way down the prep page.


What are better practices to deal with this kind of mind maps? (i’m not really asking for what has worked for people but rather if there are resources that explain how to do these mind maps and why doing them in certain ways)

I can envision having arrows between Xi and Xj when Xj refers to Xi, but there may be also different kinds of relationships between different Xi and Xj (will differently-coloured arrows suffice?). So, i don’t know if the text + arrows is the best approach, the clearest or whatever.

Perhaps this is a known concern when writing story/prep and there are some guidelines ?