Minimal install only cli?

I tried installing from a usb with a full image, but was having issues. So, I tried a minimal install and selected to include ubuntu desktop, but upon first boot it brought me to an extremely bare bones command line interface. This is a quote from the canonical minimal page at

“To install, boot your computer from the the mini iso and select “Install” at the prompt. You can then follow the instructions from the text-based installer. On the software selection screen, you can select from a number of collections of software such as different desktop environments (kde, xfce, etc), a multitude of different servers, multimedia creation tools, media center (mythbuntu), etc. You can also select “Manual package selection” which will take you to aptitude. You may also select nothing and just continue to finish the installation. If you selected nothing, upon reboot you will arrive at a cli prompt; from here you can fully customize your new system.”

I’m going to go ahead and try re-installing it again, but does anybody know how I could install a desktop environment?