Modified BoxWhiskerChart for statistical summary of data

I would like to make a statistical graph (chart) from data in the format {x-value, mean value, standard deviation} as in:

{{10, 10.73, 0.72}, {20, 14.10, 0.49}, {30, 13.96, 0.49}, {40, 13.43, 0.51}}

I would like the graph to resemble a BoxWhiskerChart, where at each x value the mean is plotted and thin bars extending above and below the mean by a distance equal to the standard deviation. However, BoxWhiskerChart requires the data at each x value to be an entire data set (of multiple points), not the statistical summary. I have merely the mean and standard deviation.

I can kludge drawing lines by computing ranges and such, as follows:

Show[ListPlot[data[[All, {1, 2}]],   Joined -> True,   PlotRange -> {0, Automatic}],  Epilog ->    Table[{Red,      Line[{{data[[i, 1]], data[[i, 2]] - data[[i, 3]]}, {data[[i, 1]],         data[[i, 2]] + data[[i, 3]]}}]}, {i, Length[data]}]] 

enter image description here

However, because I have lots of data, and ultimately wish to place several such plots on a single graph (of different colors), I was hoping there was a way to modify BoxWhiskerChart (or related chart) so I can exploit the internal functions and styling.