Monitor HTTPS URL logging of a specific device of a Network


The main goal is to monitor all the URL logging (HTTPS) of a specific device in my Network. So I’m decided to buy a Security tool WifiPineApple from Hak5 store.

Ex. Alexa, Chromecast, and maybe iPad.

enter image description here

Steps (Windows 10 PC)

I did :

  • configured a Network Sharing from my Ethernet to the WifiPineApple : here
  • configured Static IP to my WifiPineApple as as required : here
  • GUI/Portal
  • login into the GUI portal, finishing the setup, root password, and SSIDs
    • allow all clients to connect
    • installed “SSLSplit” module from Community Repository, and start it


I can see the SSID being broadcasted, and connected to it. I tested the Speedtest, I got about 30 Mbps after connected.

Then, I tried to load the HTTPS site, it takes forever to load a simple page.

and the portal is not even auto refresh as they claimed it should …


  1. How good could it be to sniff the traffic that take 10 minutes to load a simple page ?
  2. Am I using WifipineApple not correctly ?
  3. Should I use a different modules for SSL Strip HTTPS traffic/request ? I’ve tried DWall, urlsnarf, buy they also works very sluggish and only works for HTTP.
  4. Should I look into other options since WifipineApple, not being so efficient?
  5. With my Network diagram in mind, should I look a better tools/applications like maybe spin up another router in between the router & the modem ?


To reiterate my goal, my expectation is very simple, I want to see the URL logs of all the sites requested by my iPad at the particular moment. I can care less about these information header, body, payload, and even credentials, I only care about requested URLs or history.

If anyone has any suggestions for me, I would love to take your advice.