Move a group of files, prompting the user for confirmation for every file

System: Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

I have a collection of files (in multiple directories in a directory structure) and I want to move many of them to another directory. I can tell which files I want to move by their names (they are recipe titles), but there is no other way to distinguish between files I do want to move and files I don’t want to move; I need to make a decision for every file by examining the name myself.

So, I am running a command once for each file I want to move, like

mv Snacks/OkaraCrackers NeedsTesting/ mv Snacks/SunflowerBrittle NeedsTesting/ mv Treats/ChocolateChilliFudge NeedsTesting/ mv Treats/PecanBlondies NeedsTesting/ 

Even with tab completion this is toooo much typing. What I really want to do is something like

shopt -s globstar mv --prompt-me-for-every-file ** NeedsTesting/ 

So I can just press y or n for each file.

How can I move a group of files and be prompted for confirmation for every file?