Moving platform falls instead of following path

I was trying to make my platform move from Point A to Point B so that the player jumps on the platform. I’ve implemented the code(down below) and made all the necessary objects for it move. But, when I hit the Play button, the platform falls down and the original platform(of which I used a duplicate to make the moving platform) also disappears. Please have a look at these screenshots:

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using UnityEngine; using System.Collections;  public class PlatformMover : MonoBehaviour {      public GameObject platform; // reference to the platform to move      public GameObject[] myWaypoints; // array of all the waypoints      [Range(0.0f, 10.0f)] // create a slider in the editor and set limits on moveSpeed     public float moveSpeed = 5f; // enemy move speed     public float waitAtWaypointTime = 1f; // how long to wait at a waypoint before _moving to next waypoint      public bool loop = true; // should it loop through the waypoints      // private variables      Transform _transform;     int _myWaypointIndex = 0;       // used as index for My_Waypoints     float _moveTime;     bool _moving = true;      // Use this for initialization     void Start () {         _transform = platform.transform;         _moveTime = 0f;         _moving = true;     }          // game loop     void Update () {         // if beyond _moveTime, then start moving         if (Time.time >= _moveTime) {             Movement();         }     }      void Movement() {         // if there isn't anything in My_Waypoints         if ((myWaypoints.Length != 0) && (_moving)) {              // move towards waypoint             _transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(_transform.position, myWaypoints[_myWaypointIndex].transform.position, moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime);              // if the enemy is close enough to waypoint, make it's new target the next waypoint             if(Vector3.Distance(myWaypoints[_myWaypointIndex].transform.position, _transform.position) <= 0) {                 _myWaypointIndex++;                 _moveTime = Time.time + waitAtWaypointTime;             }                          // reset waypoint back to 0 for looping, otherwise flag not moving for not looping             if(_myWaypointIndex >= myWaypoints.Length) {                 if (loop)                     _myWaypointIndex = 0;                 else                     _moving = false;             }         }     } }