Moving to a Windows Virtual Desktop from RDP into a Azure Virtual Machine

I just wanted to get some feedback from people who might want to use Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure when it gets released this quarter.

Currently I’m using a win server 2016 VM in Azure that I RDP into from my Macbook Air. I moved from using VMWare VM in my Macbook Air running Win 10 and Visual Studio because it was too resource intensive running Win and VS on a Macbook Air mid 2013 1.8Ghz with 8Gb RAM.

So now I remote into the Win Server VM and do my work in Visual Studio.

But now I see this new tool (Window Virtual Desktop) in Azure and I can virtualize apps and Windows.

Current limitations – my developers need to access a webcam to help develop our app and our local webcams can’t be accessed through the RDP client. Additionally the VM costs a lot to run.

Question – 1. would there be any benefit to move to Windows Virtual Desktop to virtualize either Windows 10 to do our work or just virtualize Visual Studio on our Macbooks? Is it even possible to virtualize Windows or Visual Studio on a Mac? I just watched a video that shows Windows 10 virtualized in IOS on a iPad video here 2. does anyone know if I’ll be able to access my local webcam (Mac) with Windows Virtual Desktop virtualizing Windows 10 or Visual Studio so that we can test our app/website with the local webcam?