Multiclassing reccomendations

this is not a question about game mechanics or so, just asking for some advice. I’m currently playing a 3rd lvl tiefling swashbuckler rogue with 15 dex and 16 cha (we’re not really min maxing). I’m rp’ing him as a dual-wielding pirate. Since the only thing I can currently do in combat is stab a guy I want some more options. Probably take a few levels in another class, but I’m not sure which one. These are the 3 I’m not sure about:

-Fighter: With battlemaster I get some cool maneuvers during combat and I can use them to spice up my normal attacks. Probably take 3 lvls.

-Sorcerer or warlock: These are a lot alike. I already have thaumaturgy, hellish rebuke and darkness once a day from tiefling so some more spells with a fire or darkness theme would be cool. Also fear-type efects, like fear itself or dissonant whispers (from great old one). This is where I’m stuck. Both of these (al well as fighter) have great options for both combat and rp. Fire bolt (since EB doesn’t really fit the character), mage hand, booming blade,…

Apart from what class I’m going into, I also don’t know how far I should go. They all have a lot of good stuff at lvl 5 extra attack, fireball, fear, hunger of hadar, maybe thirsting blade, gift of the depths invocation for pirate rp,…), but that might be a bit too far so I might really fall behind? What do you think?