Multiple attacks with a ninja

I have rules questions related to feat selection in levelling a ninja up to 7th level.

By combining the Flurry of Stars Ninja Trick with Two Weapon Fighting, how many attacks can a Ninja actually get in a single round with a BAB of +6?

Does Flurry of Stars stack with Rapid Shot?

Would Quick Draw be required as these are thrown weapons?

Most importantly do I get my full Sneak Attack on each successful hit?

As I read it I get two additional shuriken attacks with Flurry of Stars for one ki point for three attacks in a round at a -2 penalty on each attack.

Combined with Two-Weapon Fighting I get one additional attack with my off hand for a total of four attacks with an additional -2 penalty (-4 total). Each hit does 1 damage for the shuriken plus 4d6 sneak attack damage.

Rapid shot gives me one additional attack with another -2 penalty. That is a potential five attacks in a round at a -6 penalty for a possible 20d6+5 damage. Plus poison.

Granted it is a pretty specific situation and I don’t have rapid shot but a potential 16d6+4 damage (average of 60 damage and maximum of 100 damage) in one round for one feat and one ki point is BBEG ending.

How legit is all of this?