Multiple client connections using OpenVPN

I need some help.
So I have 2 servers running OpenVPN, let’s call them server A and server B, I also have a client for both of the OpenVPN servers which is called client1, I’m trying to connect client1 to both servers on another machine which in this case I will call machine1, both of the OpenVPN’s configurations of the servers is set to different subnets so they won’t conflict.
If I try to connect client1 normally without any OpenVPN options to both servers it won’t connect because the default client1 configuration is routing all the traffic through the VPN, that meaning there can’t be 2 connections to the OpenVPN’s servers because one connection will try to route all the traffic and the second connection will try to do that too but there will be a conflict.
So that’s why I try to connect on machine1 both server A client1 and server B client1 with route-nopull option.
The problem is the following, I got machine1 connected to both server A and server B using TAP interfaces and both interfaces are connected and they got an IP, but there are no routes since I’m using route-nopull option and if I want to run an application like a web server on machine1 using the IP server A gave me for client1 and try to access it on another client with in the same subnet of server A it won’t work.
More informations:
Server A range for clients:
Server B range for clients:
client1 on server A has the static IP:
client1 on server B has the static IP:
Server A and b have client-to-client option enabled. The OpenVPN servers are using CentOS 6.5 minimal and machine1 is using CentOS 7.
Any ideeas how I can connect both servers or more than 2 servers so the TAP interface can be used like a normal ethernet interface, to start a web server or any application on any of the IPs of the OpenVPN servers?