My Canada visitor visa was refused; how can I address the issues?

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I have questions about my visitor visa to Canada being refused due to 3 reasons:

  • Based on family ties
  • Based on purpose of visit
  • Based on length of stay (I said I want to stay 1 month)

Anyway, all of my family have protected refugee status in Canada. I was back in my home country when they claimed refugee status. I have had a Canadian visa previously and I traveled back and forth to Canada. Unlike my family, when my husband and I applied for a visit visa, we included a no-objection letter from our jobs and an invitation letter from my father. He is a cancer patient which makes it more necessary for me to go and visit him.

However, I got refused. What can I do next? How can I overcome the reasons for the rejection? In my country, we don’t have a visa application centre; can the location of the VAC affect the decision?