My DM played a NPC from my backstory weird. Should I have confronted them about it?

So my DM is actually my best friend and she’s the type of DM that likes getting as much backstory from the players as she possibly can. Well my character’s father is a huge part of her backstory and as my DM likes to put backstory characters into her campaigns, I knew my character’s father would be showing up soon. Well, he did and…he was different than I described. Of course my backstory was only from my character’s perspective so I didn’t give anything super specific about her father, but part of the backstory was that they were best friends and he, despite doing some awful things, acted like a pretty sweet guy. Well, my DM played him as creepy and scary which, while cool, kind of goes against the things I wrote about him in my character’s past interactions with him. To be clear, this wasn’t because of a story-based plot, this was just how she interpreted his personality. After the session, I confronted her about it. I told her that I liked how she played the character, but that it didn’t seem to line up with how I described. She responded that she thought his absence from my character’s life would have changed him a bit, but I’m not certain it fits the character, still. I’m afraid she’s mad at me, and I know that it’s ultimately her decision on how to play this character. I told her so. Should I have talked to her about this, or is questioning her interpretation of the character overstepping?