My DM wants to kill my PC

So for a few months now my DM has been planning with me to kill of my character for “shock value”. At first I liked the idea, then it started to wear on me. He’s given my character psychic premonitions through a story related event and whenever he tells me upcoming story events I RP that my character is having one of these premonitions (because it’s difficult for me to not metagame certain things). So when he told me about my upcoming death I gave the party cleric items that could bring me back (as we are high enough level to start resurrecting PC’s). Which was poor RPing on my part. However, I was going to retire this character and create a new one as to not totally mess with his story.

Fast Forward to last week and he tells me that he read up a rule that makes it so my character can’t be brought back. This upset me to some degree but I was looking forward to playing my new character that I’ve been making (all the while telling the DM my plans for the new character). He then begins to tell me my new characters motivation as well as even trying to change the race to better suit his story. This has gotten me really mad and I’m planning on telling him if he wants to keep that character that way it’s fine but I won’t be using him as a PC.

On top of now telling me what my future character is going to be he’s trying to tell me how my current character should act during his “death scene” saying he should start crying and begging for his life. Which isn’t at all what my character would do (strong Orc Fighter).

I’m at a loss of what to do, I feel like I should be angry but this is my friend and he’s somewhat of a stubborn person so talking with him won’t go super well.

Tl;Dr my DM is killing off my PC telling me what my next PC will be and even telling me how my current PC should react during his death.