My question is being marked as spam and I’m blocked on Meta

Today, I tried to post a question on Information Security Stack Exchange, and the question was apparently marked as "spam" (the error message was this looks like spam). The content of the question can be found here: VeraCrypt Paste. I’m thinking it might have been because of the URIs, but I tried to remove them all and it continued to mark the question as spam.

I then went to Infosec Meta Exchange, to try to see if I could get some help, but I’m blocked there. Like, weirdly blocked. All requests I make to the Security Meta domain while logged give me an empty page and a 500 status code. It works fine if I logout. I truly don’t know that to do.

I’m 100% aware this post doesn’t belong here, but I’m apparently out of options – don’t know what else I can do – the help page doesn’t say anything about that -, so please don’t downvote this right away. I’m obviously ok with this question being deleted, I just need some help now.