MySQL import – all rows missing except those in final INSERT of InnoDB tables

This is a very strange bug. I’m using this on a mac:

mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.4.6-MariaDB, for osx10.13 (x86_64)

If I import an SQL dump of a WordPress DB (so not very complicated structure, but some long lines) from the command line, the table structure for all tables appears normal, but lots of content is missing from InnoDB tables.

Specifically, where the INSERTS have been ‘chunked’ into groups of records, only the final group is there. If I use --skip-extended-insert to write a statement for every record, only one record is ever in the InnoDB table.

MyISAM data seems fine.

I’ve tried dropping and recreating the database, could there be some corruption elsewhere?