Mysql Versions 5.7 and 8,x side by side on ubuntu sever 18.4?

I would like to test Mysql 8 while still using Mysql 5.7 for my current applications. I have installed both versions on my Mac and I have no problems so far.

On my Ubuntu server currently 5.7 is running. I expect when I call apt-get to install the latest mysql version apt-get will replace the current version 5.7 .

So I thought I could download the package from the Mysql download page and install it manually. But they mention ( : “If you have previously installed MySQL using your operating system native package management system, such as Yum or APT, you may experience problems installing using a native binary. Make sure your previous MySQL installation has been removed entirely (using your package management system), and that any additional files, such as old versions of your data files, have also been removed. You should also check for configuration files such as /etc/my.cnf or the /etc/mysql directory and delete them.”

It would be great, if I could get some recommandations how to enable to run different Mysql – versions in parallel.