Naked Sprite Familiars?

There were two question about the new Sage Advice:

  • Does Flock of Familiars produce endless wealth in the same manner as Find Familiar?
  • What is a sprite familiar's AC?

My answer to one and comment on another is that infinite wealth from a Warlock isn’t possible because the Sprite is summoned without gear or clothes. A DM may rule otherwise (I do at the moment, but I’m wondering if it is RAW), but is there anything in the Rules of find familiar as they are Written that suggests that a Warlock’s Sprite Familiar arrives with no objects? Where is rules support for the spell creating these items in the first place. So, do the rules say they get the equipment, and if so where?

A quick relevant note to head it off, the stat blocks in the DMG are typical monsters encountered in the wild, and variations are possible. The ability to use the bow and sword doesn’t mean the one summoned has one, unless I’m mistaken.