Necromancer PC Insisting On “Disguising” Undead Minions [closed]

I have a player who is a necromancer and insists on always keeping their risen dead “concealed” by use of large cloaks and masks.

Generally, this includes 4 skeletons and 4 zombies. The PC is very certain that if they took the time to scrape every ounce of flesh from the zombie’s bones that they will become odorless. A long while back, I gave this some thought and decided to allow it, lowering the stats of each zombie (primarily their hit dice). As the game has progressed, this PC wishes to now pad the 8 undead minions with some clothing to reduce noise of clattering bones, throw large cloaks on them to hide everything, and furthermore puts masks on each one to hide their faces and claims that no one will notice or care.

So basically, this PC has 8 cloaked “bodyguards” with masks who can’t speak or respond to anyone else, shy of being attacked. The longer this goes on, the more silly it becomes, walking into libraries with an entire host of undead cloaked figures with masks, having them wait in rooms or areas during lengthy social engagements, etc.

This PC is one of those power players who insists on a lot of far fetched theories and ideas that are always requiring me (the DM) to come up with possible scenarios or solutions based on these – while not wanting to say no to everything unless it’s unreasonable to me. I don’t mind this method of disguising undead minions in certain areas of the game, but some of the other players are starting to complain and I’d like to nip this in the bud and find a solution everyone is happy with before it gets too out of hand.

Is there a way to have NPCs react to this or have some kind of checks/saving throws to discourage this kind of behavior?

In this homebrew world, magic is rare and generally frowned upon by most people – as they are ignorant of it and generally fear it. Undead are not a common thing and are typically associated with evil if a populace has even ever encountered such a thing. The fallout from the undead being discovered would be rather large and potentially ruin the reputation the party is trying to build with the region they are in. Suspicious guards and the occasional person may ask them, but perhaps there is a better answer that I’m not thinking of that directly involves this not working due to their undead states or something. I don’t want to flat-out say that the PC can’t do this, but I generally forget about them when the party is in a city or somewhere that, if these were found out, would cause a lot of interesting issues, to say the least.