Necromancy subclass balance suggestion? [closed]

I am using This as the base. My homebrew is a subclass added to the ones already existing: Guides of the Forgotten


Necromancer subclass Lore: Guides of the Forgotten are determined to make the new world remember the old, the ones that once were. To uncover the potential of those long forgotten. The fossils of Dinosaurs revived by necrotic magic, brought to new life. They are trained in the mastery of will. Determination is key. To force one’s beliefs on the World is the essence of necromancy, to force the dead to raise because you want them to raise. Guides of the forgotten have mastered this ancient art of WILL. Their strength of conviction combined with necromancy allows them to restore and revive bodies which haven’t moved for millions of years. For a given amount of time, that is. However, they can extend this time through use of WILL. The will of a Soul can be captured after death. In the moments where the Soul leaves the Body a skilled necromancer can capture the will of a Soul for later use such as lengthening the time a body can be sustained with necrotic energy.

Body decay system

Determines duration and Strength of reanimated things:

  • missing limbs etc.
  • Disfigured Necrotic energy recreates the missing body parts, this energy lasts for a set amount of time, depending on the creature. After this time, the dismembered body drops to the ground, it then has a 1 in 3 chance of breaking. Roll a d6, 1 or 2 means it breaks.
  • after death, a body can be reanimated into a undead who remains under your control till death
  • after decay (3 hours), can be reanimated into a zombie. This zombie remains under your control for 24h, after that he will remain still, only defending himself from attacks
  • fossilized bones and other remains of creatures, need to be found or bought. Fossils can be assembled into a fossilized skeleton if all pieces of one creature are obtained. They then count as a body.

All creatures summoned have an ac of 10, while HP is based on CR


  • 1: 11hp
  • 2: 17hp
  • 3: 26hp
  • 4: 42hp
  • 5: 51hp
  • 6: 62hp

Restriction from level 1: Guides of the forgotten cannot cast spells higher than fourth level. The power of will comes with a curse, the arcanum is limited to guides of the forgotten, since magic is like a river, searching for the way of least resistance. The stubborn way of the guides builds a dam for magic, only allowing drips to run through.

Passive ability at level 3: Guides of the Forgotten gain a feeling for the will of others, especially shortly before dying. They can harness will-points after a soul leaves a body, or a will gets reincarnated into a body. Roll a d4-1 to determine the amount of will-points gathered if a creature died within 20 feet of you or any undead under your control. You can spend will points on your turn, with a maximum of your level per round.

Will: When a Will is captured, it can enchant a fossil through a ritual (4h) The enchanted fossil is protected from breaking of natural/spell(self) causes. It can still be destroyed by Players/NPCs. If a will enchanted fossil is destroyed, the will escapes, unless you cast bound will in your next round. Will points: You can have a maximum of your level times 4 Will-points.

Free use

  • For 1 will point you can issue a command to one undead under your control. This does not count as an action/bonus action.
  • For 1 will point you can give your undead 1d4 temporary health. This does not count as an action/bonus action (max. is the double of the creatures maximum hp)
  • For 1 will point you can expand the time of a disfigured undead for (in combat for 1 round) 3 hours. This does not count as an action/bonus action Bonus Action
  • For 2 will points you can double the speed of an undead under your control. (does not stack)
  • For 2 will points you can increase the AC of an undead you control by 2. (max. AC of 17)
  • For 2 will points you can transfer hp from yourself to one undead creature (as temporary hp) under your control, or the other way around. (maximum of 15 temp. hp above max hp through this ability) Action
  • For 3 will points one undead creature under your control deals 3d4 extra damage
  • For 5 will points you can prevent a fatal blow to an undead under your control, but its hit points drop to 1d6 (this can be used as a reaction in an enemies turn) Ability at level 6: your fossils count as one CR higher, this affects hp only. Their default AC increases by 2.

Ability at level 10: you gather twice as many will points.


  • Reanimate fossil: second level (V; S; M) a fossil, after spell ends there is a 1/3 chance of it breaking fossil needs to be as close as 40 feet to the caster Action-instant cast: Reanimate Fossil for three rounds in combat if the CR of this creature is 3 or less. If it is higher it will last for two rounds of combat. If outside of combat, it lasts an hour no matter the CR.
  • Explode undead First level spell (S; M) an undead under your control Undead needs to be in 100 feet of caster Action-instant cast: target an undead you control; through your power of mind their body attracts necrotic energy and will collect it for a maximum of three rounds. You can detonate it manually for a bonus action. It explodes in an 20ft radius. In the first round it deals 2d4 plus2 necrotic damage. In the second 4d4 plus4, and in the third 6d4 plus6 necrotic damage.


Bound will Bonus Action (S,M – An empty glass vial):

To capture the Will of a dying creature, one has to possess an empty glass container and cast the cantrip bound will within your next turn after the creature’s death. You can posses a number of Wills equal to half your level rounded down. If a Will is captured, roll a d4-1 to determine the gathered will-points.

Fossil pieces:

  • Tooth
  • Claw
  • Spine
  • Rib
  • Skull – needed to summon a creature
  • Arm
  • Leg

These are the components needed to create one fossilized skeleton. A fossilized skeleton will not decay and is counted as a body. For every additional part of the same skeleton you pay half of the previous price

Fossil costs:

  • T-rex (CR 12) = 650 gp
  • Tarbosaurus (CR 8) = 400 gp
  • Yutyrannos (CR 3) = 20 gold
  • Troodon (CR 1/8) = 5 silber
  • Therizinosaurus (CR 5) = 100 gp
  • Stegosaurus (CR 5) = 100 gp
  • Hatzegopteryx (CR 2) = 10 gold
  • Plateosaurus (CR 2) = 8 gold
  • Pachycephalosaurs (CR ½) = 2 gold
  • Nodosaurus (CR 3) = 20 gold
  • Gallimimus (CR 2) = 8 gold
  • (Feathered) Velociraptor (CR ¼) = 1 gold
  • Dilophosaurus (CR 2) = 10 gold
  • Carnotaurus(CR 4) = 45 gold
  • Allosaurus(CR 2) = 8 gold
  • Compsognathus (C ½) = 2 gold
  • Dimetrodon (CR 2) = 8 gold
  • Plesiosaurus (CR 2) = 10 gold
  • Pteranodon (CR ¼) = 1 gold
  • Deinonychus (CR 1) = 5 gold
  • Triceratops (CR 5) = 100 gp