Need a script that saves what I write

I´m someone, who is really interested in statistics and music, so when Spotify released their 2020 User Statistics, I wanted to make something similar for my own.

Because I don´t think Spotify will allow me to see user statistics. I instead wanted to try making a mobile app, where i can type in something like: Song – Artist and then it saves what I´ve typed in a list I´ll always have access to. But then, I had another idea: When I type for example Savage Love – Jason Derulo and one day later i type it in again, in the list, there should be shown something like:

  1. Savage Love – Jason Derulo (listened: 2 time/s)

and if I then don´t like this song anymore and instead i hear Lucid Dreams – Juice Wrld for three times, the list shall show me something like:

  1. Lucid Dreams – Juice Wrld (listened: 3 time/s)
  2. Savage Love – Jason Derulo (listened: 2 time/s)

Tell me if you haven´t understood something, and please also tell me, if you know, how to do this (or if you have suggestions)