need a utility to use RCP from AIX to Linux or Windows that does not follow links [closed]

I have an ancient AIX server that I cannot install RSYNC on and doesn’t support SCP.

I need to back up the files so I started using rcp to a Linux VM but have 3 different directories that evidently have loops due to links such as shown below :

rcp: /usr/websm/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/html/en_US/wsmship/bin/wsmrefresh: There are too many levels of symbolic links to translate a path name.

I was hoping filezilla or winscp would have a switch to allow me to copy from old machine using RCP but no such luck. No file space on the disk to tar and move. No way to attach external devices as it is remote and being scrapped.

I got everything copied from the server except the 3 directories that apparently have loops and would just like a windows utility to do it.

If I could install software rsync would have made this much easier, but the prerequisites can’t be accomplished (I already tried the install of rsync)