Need help balancing my Homebrew Class (based off Drivers from Xenoblade Chronicles 2) [for 5e] [on hold]

I have been using this class in a campaign and recently and the members of the group have said the Class needs some Balancing, because it is too versatile. Which, I will admit it is pretty versatile, but that is the way the drivers are in Xenoblade 2. So, I am trying to balance the the features with out removing the core of what makes the Class a Driver. (Somethings to note, this Class only allows for the Driver to have one Blade. I renamed the Game’s terminology of the Blade Special to Blade Arts. I did not build the Class with cooldown or charge times since that can severely limit the Class performance and make things confusing in D&D and I did not use an affinity mechanics, because of how long it can take to build. Plus it would make for a nightmare for the Player and the DM to constantly keep track of.)

I have revised it a bit of help with it from someone from Reddit who was very very good with balancing, but I was hoping to get some more eyes to review it and give me some feed back.

If you have played (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) I would greatly appreciate your help. Even if you haven’t I would appreciate the help.

Here is the Link to the PDF of the Class I have uploaded to my google drive. {} I am sorry I am not allowing Downloads or editing, I’ve had some try to steal my ideas before I even had a chance to finish working on them before.

Driver (From Xenoblade Chronicles 2) 5e Class

Warriors of the World of Alrest:

Drivers are people who have been able to access a Core Crystal (can be a technological device or a Magical Mineral Crystal) and awaken a Blade, an artificial life-form filled to the brim with power and the ability to manifest unique weapons. After a Core Crystal has revealed a Blade, the two are bonded until death, becoming partners. The Driver serves as the output for the weapon’s power, while the Blade serves as the power’s source. The Blade itself is an independent being with complete sentience, as they have their own feelings and emotions.

About Blades:

They are weaponized life forms linked to a Driver who creates and summons them by resonating with a Core Crystal. Blades endow their Driver with powers and a weapon. Each Blade plays a different role, owning different stats and an elemental type, such as fire, water (poison), light (radiant), etc. and providing a distinct set of Blade Arts and support abilities depending on its weapon. (This is more for flavor in the game how the attack is done does not change the effect.)

Your Blade can be any gender and race that you can make your Drive character or it can be a Small to Medium sized animal. You can choose all traits of your Blade yourself or you can leave it up to chance for your Blade’s gender. If you want to leave it up to chance you can roll a d6 three times if you get an even number most often it is Female or an odd number most often it is Male. Blades don’t have health they are able to regenerate any part of their body that is injured as long as their Driver is Alive. So, a Blade cannot be killed only restrained or forced unconscious. Blades still need to sleep just like most other creatures with a minimum amount of time being 6 hours. The exhaustion rules apply to blades too, but when they reach the sixth level, they are just incapacitated for two days they don’t die. If a Blade’s Driver Dies, they return to their Core Crystal and lose all their memories. The Blade has the same Ability Scores as it’s Driver, and is immune to being Blinded, Deafened, Petrified, Magical Sleep, and Charmed (Only Loyal to their Driver). During Battle a Blade is able to share the same space as their Driver if he or she desires. Blades do not get their own action, bonus action or reaction, their power is used, but only when the Drive commands and uses their own action, bonus action or reaction to do so. Drivers cannot use Shields while wielding Blade Weapons.

Creating a Driver:

To create a Driver, you can ask yourself these questions. How did you become a driver in the first place? What made you decide to become a driver, or was it forced? What will you use your Blade’s power for? What is your relationship with your Blade?

Quick Build:

You can make a Driver quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength or Dexterity should be your highest ability score, you can choose this after you know what type of Blade Weapon you are going to have. Your Charisma should be your second highest ability score though if you are taking the Healer Archetype you might want to consider making it the highest. Second, choose the Soldier, Sage or Far Traveler background. A Half-Elf, Drow, Tabaxi, Kalashtar, Human Variant and Tiefling are good race choices for a Driver.

In case you need some reference material on Drivers

If you have never Played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 here are a few links to the Xenoblade fandom site if you want to look for more information.