Need help on what to do for my level 4 Revived Rogue [closed]

Currently in the middle of my second campaign and my group has just reached level 4th level.

I’m currently playing a Revived Rogue UA (we started before Phantom was revealed) and I’m curious as to if I should take an ability score increase or a feat.

My setup is currently







He’s a variant human that took the magic initiate feat taking the cantrips:

-Booming Blade

-Mage hand

The spell he took was find familar.

I’ve looked through a number of half feats for dex and none seem to particularly that good. (Our DM is allowing Unearthed Arcana with the exception of the new Poisoner feat).

Currently our party consists of a Ranger, Bard, and Hexblade Warlock.

Thanks for the help!