Need Suggestions for a Dexterity Whip-Paladin, Rouge Multiclass Build

Long story short My DM allowed me to swap characters due to some scaling issues with my last character build (Arcane Trickster/Wizard Multiclass). It was by no means terrible but but it lacked noticeable damage in exchange for immense versatility (played as a psuedo-wizard). We have a wizard now so I decided a new tactic.

The goal of this paladin is to serve as a mobile, melee bruiser with access to healing incase my party needs it (alas, I am in a campaign type where combat wise, comp matters to the DM but not to my teammates which is fine overall but somewhat annoying).

For this new character who was already implemented into the story, she is a 5/2 split Paladin(OoV) Rogue who thematically uses whips for their primary weapon. I would like some suggestions on how to progress this build without it gimping later on into the high-levels (like 12-15).

Their stats are Str 14, Dex 20, Con 15, Int 11, Wisdom 11, Cha 18. No feats, Dueling Fighting Style, Changeling.

I understand that I should at least pick up Aura of courage but what are some rogue subclasses that are not redundant to my weapon choice (swashbuckler 3rd level feature is unneeded for example due to my channel divinity and reach weapon).

Essentially what I am asking for is how to proceed with my leveling (I do not need Min-Max damage as smites plus hunters mark are enough, but general combat efficiency).

Thank you all for your replies in advance!