Need to add a Bottom Margin to a “jdiv” element (JivoChat Plugin button)

I’m not sure if anyone here is familiar with the JivoChat live chat plugin for wordpress? I’m a bit frustrated and feel like this should be a simple solution for this:

On mobile, there is a round chat icon- the default jivochat settings only allow you to align left and right. Well, I have it at the bottom right, but it’s conflicting with a sticky menu that’s along the bottom of the page. All I need to do is add a margin below the button to push it up out of the way. However, I believe I’m having trouble achieving this with CSS maybe because it’s jQuery script that’s injected remotely onto the page? Is there a way to add a margin to this type of object?

If I inspect the code, there is a line:

<jdiv class="button_10" style="background-color: rgb(75, 103, 11);")> 

If I simply add “margin-bottom: 100px !important” to the end of that within the inspector, that moves it to where it needs to be. Question is- how to I implement css onto the site that does this? Is it possible? I apologize in advance for me rookie-level understanding of all this.