Need to filter by month

I am trying to filter by month using dtm DATETIME as my format XX/XX/XXXX. i am a very new to SQL, so i was trying to just filter by the month of January 01 with the format

Where Date = ’01/XX/XXXX’

is there a way to search by date like this?


TPolicies.intPolicyID AS 'Policy ID' ,TPolicies.strPolicyNumber AS 'Policy Number' ,TPolicies.dtmDateOfPurchase AS 'Purchase Date' ,TPolicyTypes.strPolicyType AS 'Policy Type' ,TAgents.intAgentID AS 'Agent ID' ,TAgents.strFirstName AS 'Agent First Name' ,TAgents.strLastName AS  'Agent Last Name' 

From TCustomerPolicies Join TCustomers On TCustomerPolicies.intCustomerID = TCustomers.intCustomerID

Join TPolicies ON TCustomerPolicies.intPolicyID = TPolicies.intPolicyID  Join TStates ON TCustomers.intStateID = TStates.intStateID  Join TGenders ON TCustomers.intGenderID = TGenders.intGenderID  Join TRaces1 ON TCustomers.intRaceID = TRaces1.intRaceID  Join TPolicyTypes ON TPolicies.intPolicyTypeID = TPolicyTypes.intPolicyTypeID  Join TAgents On TPolicies.intAgentID = TAgents.intAgentID  WHERE TPolicies.dtmDateOfPurchase =