New Bytes generated from an true random bytes, still true random?

I have a question regarding "True Random".

I have a true random byte generated binary sequence produced from a QRNG hardware unit.

From this true random binary input sequence, I’ producing a new sequence by a pure description process of the binary input.

There is absolute no mathematical or algorithmic transformation of the binary input, the way we are producing the result is only based on the way we are describing the input binary sequence bit-per-bit.

Process Example (all the binary values are fake and only represented to illustrate the the case) :

  1. QRNG True Random binary input sequence -> 10101011
  2. Description process of represented input binary sequence (absolutely no logical or mathematical transformation of the binary structure during this process)
  3. The new produced binary sequence obtained from the process (2) -> 1100011010111110001100111100011010

My question is to know if we can consider the newly produced binary sequence as a real true random binary sequence because there is absolutely no transformation of the input, only a descriptive representation?

How to explain that this notion does not alter the TRUE RANDOM character of the entry?

What are the rules to respect to preserve the TRUE RANDOM character of a binary output and what are the operations that are authorized or not ?!

Thank you in advance for you support :)‚Äč

Best regards.