New PC fails EFI-boot on USB installation xUbuntu-18.04; BIOS boots USB

New Acer-PC Aspire-T Intel i5 core processor 8400 internal memory 8 Gb DDR4 250 Gb Solid-State-Disk 2 Tb sata-Disk

USB-installation medium several times used: always successful on BIOS-boot. If the PC boots in BIOS-mode, then the USB-installation can be started, but then the GUID-partitions show up as undefined. This is normal. If the PC boots in UEFI-mode, then the only boot-choice is to start the Micr$ oft Windblows-installation, this is not what we want to happen.

2 questions:

.q1. How do we get this PC to boot in UEFI-mode and start xUbuntu-installation using the USB-stick ? … without having to do the W-installation first.

.q2. Any suggestions for a clever Partition-set: must we use the Solid-State disk as * boot, * root, * swap ?!?

I assume your answer will look like:

  • Solid-State p1: Guid-Efi-Partition (1 Gb fat-32; necessary for UEFI-boot)
  • Solid-State p2: root (240 Gb ext4)
  • Solid-State p3: swap-Partition (14 Gb swap)
  • 2 Tb p1 : home-partition (ext4)

On the web several completely suggestions are found. None of them worked for UEFI-booting the USB-installation.

We appreciate your time and suggestions!