New Star Wars Rev. Ed. GM in need of toolkit

I haven’t played SW Revised Ed. in about 15 years, and when I did I was only a player, not a GM. I decided to GM a game for my nephews but have never GM’d before. I think I’ll be ok on game mechanics (they’re ages 9-15 and I’m simplifying some things for mutual benefit), but I’ll be lacking on GM story-telling skills.

I’m not asking for story ideas, but need some cheat sheets for the descriptive story-telling filler to make things sound realistic and interesting.

Something like a list of planets, their unique traits, native species, languages, etc. Or common animals, common ships, etc. Right now I will have to say things like "a ship lands and out runs a Rodian riding a beast". I would love to say "a C-class freighter lands out steps a Rodian riding a gundark", or whatever. Sure I can look up some of these things and some will come with time, but has someone already thrown together a nifty cheat sheet so it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to come up with 2 lines of story-telling?