“No engine matches” and “wrong engine detected” from previously imported and identified websites

I am a bit at a loss here…

I have read all the “no engine matches” threads here, but what I experience is different and I have no idea why.

Below I will state what I did and what happened.

– I have a list from previously scraped websites from hrefer and wanted to use them in SER
– Went to SER > options > Advanced > Tools > Import URLS (Identify platform and sort in) and imported that list
– After waiting one day the list was successfully imported and indeed I now had many files in “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\site_list-identified” and all had the correct websites in them
– Now I wanted to use those identified websites for my new project in SER.
– To make things easier, I decided to only post on forums and therefore selected only “Forum Post” in “Type of backlinks to create” underneath options settings of the project
– Read post https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/155/inofficial-gsa-search-engine-ranker-faq and made sure all settings were as stated under header “How can I use GSA as posting tool for my own list?”
– When I first started my new project a message popped up that no search engines were selected and that I needed to import my list
– Went to the main screen of SER, right clicked the project, Import target urls and selected “from site lists”
– There I selected only “Identified” and on the next screen all forum engines were pre-selected and therefore just clicked OK.
– Program said the list was imported successfully and “please note that current URL’s will have to be proceed to the end until you see something in the log”
– Started the project, here the strange things happened…
– I got many, many messages stating “No engine matches” and “wrong engine detected”.

This is very strange to me, as during import all sites were already matched to an engine, so how come that all of a sudden during posting the program states that the previously matched websites are now un-matched?

– Is the program for some reason re-identifying the previously identified websites? If so, why?
– Is it a problem with the new version? The identifying was with version 6.42 and posting was done with 6.43
– Has it something to do with “please note that current URL’s will have to be proceed to the end until you see something in the log”? As I don’t really understand what is meant by this?

Thanks for your input.