NodeJS app is deployed to port 8080

This might be a very simple question but I don’t know what to search to solve my problem. Please feel free to direct me to the right resource, that would also be very helpful.

This is my first time trying to deploy an app from Node.js to an actual server (I’ve only ever tested locally).

My app is built with NextJS. I’ve successfully built it on my server and then ran:

npm run start 

The app seems to be running perfectly, however it’s currently running on my domain on port :8080, which means that I can only access it from my domain like this

I’ve tried forcing it to run on port 80 but that port is already in use.

I’ve tried making apache listen to port 8080 following this guide, but then my app refuses to start because the port is also already in use.

How do I make my app appear on Is it something I have to do from my domain DNS settings?

Is it possible to also still run apache on a different port?

Any help is appreciated