Non-bootable Windows 10 Pro x64

I have a Win10 system that won’t boot.

  1. The recovery menu option to fix startup problems says it cannot repair the system.
  2. bootrec /fixmbr reports success
  3. bootrec /fixboot reports success
  4. bootrec /scanos produces no output — I.e. it does not seem to find any Windows systems even though the Windows disk is visible as d:
  5. bootrec /rebuildbcd Also produces no output and no error message
  6. bcdboot d:\Windows /s f: says it rebuilt the BCD (f: is the system reserved partition) but it doesn’t actually create a new BCD file on f:

At this point I’m about ready to just reinstall, but before I do I have one question.

What do all of these utilities look for to identify a Windows partition, and is it possible to restore it in my system?