Notepad ++ Remove start and end of a string while keeping the middle

I have a text file that contains something like this:

iosudhfsdkflasgj \aaa asdgsdga3453t.ggsdg\n \bbb hjdfghjdfgjhh \ccc jtj56ywyrty546y \bbb yjksfgh \aaa sefgwetgwgeregerg \bbb u56j56jh \ddd agfwegaewrg\n \bbb

Basically the string in the middle have letters, number and sometimes \n at the end,right before \bbb. The string in the middle can have few or many characters.

I want to remove the strings \aaa and \bbb where is starting with \aaa and ending with \bbb, but keep the middle part. i also dont want to touch those starting with \ccc, \ddd, \eee …

Thank you!