Old News Blog Posts: To Delete or Not to Delete? (or Noindex?)

Hi guys,

I have ~ 1800 old news posts dating back to 2012.

These are car related and now outdated (2015 model update vs 2019 model update).

They get zero to little traffic, some are poorly written – But, they rank for keywords, add to my site structure and fill important categories
(i.e. porsche 911 > old and new news, product info, pricing, etc.).

Easy to say ‘just delete it’ but is there a better, appropriate way to handle this?

Google indexing all these outdated pages may be doing more damage than good, using up crawl budget and such.

I’m totally lost here – should I just delete/redirect those old pieces to more recent? Noindex them? Not worth updating them either.

Any suggestions? Appreciate your help as always!