OpenApi/Swagger – Use in Full Stack Development Process

I’m trying to find some specific guidance/examples to help me understand how I can use Swagger/OpenAPI in my full stack development process.

For example, its seems like once you have created your API spec, this could serve as a contract between your frontend (FE) and backend (BE). The spec could be used to decouple the FE and BE during development. FE and BE could be tested against the spec e.g. in the backend maybe it would be possible create a mock API using the spec. Or possibly code could be generated for the FE to allow easy integration.

I’ve spent the best part of a morning looking into a typical full stack development process using OpenAPI / Swagger. I’ve unfortunately not got very far and haven’t learnt very much.

Hoping the community can point me in the right direction to help me get up to speed quickly.

This site looks like a good place to start