OpenVPN Android App – Please help understand the security functions

Hi guys can anyone help me out please? This openvpn app

I do not understand following 11 options in the settings menu. What is their meaning/impact? I want to basically know which of them to activate or deactivate for a safe,smoothless vpn performance:

General App Settings-> 1) “OpenVPN 3 Core” ON/OFF?

Settings within the Server ovpn File: 2) “LZO Compression” ON/OFF?

3) IP&DNS-> “Call Informationen from the Server” ON/OFF?

4) IP&DNS-> “No local binding” ON/OFF?

5) Routing-> “Ignore pushed routes from Server” ON/OFF?

6) Routing-> “Bypass VPN for local networks” ON/OFF?

7) Routing-> “Block ipv6 if not used by VPN” ON/OFF?

8) Authentification-> “Ask for TLS Server certificate” ON/OFF?

9) Authentification-> “Check the Hostname” ON/OFF?

10) Authentification-> “TLS Direction” (0/ 1/ tlscrypt/ tls crypt2) ?

11) Advanced-> “Random host prefix” ON/OFF?

Thank you guys!!