Optimizing images for web, WordPress Genesis theme by Studiopress changing the size and format, why?

I am very talented for 3D design and I have wonderful images I would like to share. However, logical things are not my best side and especially applied computer sciences and etc. It has nothing to with art. However not giving my art appropriate show it deserves and an appropriate website, can ruin my chances as an artist.

So I have a wordpress website that will be very image heavy..

I have some doubts here so please if you want to help me, answer my questions in a numerated way so I do not get lost. I am a noob for these things.

  1. Why does my Genesis theme by studiopress keep changing the images compression as well as their size?
  2. Why does my compression in "export for web, in photoshop even matter then when genesis changes it then again?"
  3. Are there preferred resolutions that google prefers and likes besides telling me a general rule such as "google likes fast loading so smaller resolution can give you some speed"
  4. I have played with amazon lambda and have implemented an open source solution for on the fly image processing called "Thumbor". It creates images based on url parameters and thus it can deliver millions of images if users request them, yet they do not really exist on the server memory in the traditional sense. They remain spread across the CDN etc. Do you think this type of solution is smart? I have seen professional websites use it to show their renders and to SEO position their renders. I wonder if it makes any sense for me to use it as well? I will have minimum of 60 000 original images (then because wordpress creates different sizes of each image, we are then talking about maybe 300 000 images?!) In a maximum scenario I am talking about 500 000 original images. That would be really a lot. I will be happy if I achieve 60 000 original renders uploaded. So is 60 000 original images too much for a wordpress and S3 amazon bucket? I run a pretty decent ec2 instance with multiple cores and have 99% google speed rank so far.
  5. What are these plugins that offer image compression and then the whole lazy loading thing. I understand the lazy loading. but what about the compression? Let’s say I upload an image called BWM.jpg and then I install this plugin, what does it to the database? Does it create a new image now BMWcompressed.jpg? So in my database I have 2 images now? Right?
  6. Do such plugins replace the need for photoshop export for web function?
  7. I have seen this JFIF format? What is that? How can that be saved at all? Using what applications ? Like, really why so many websites use jpeg and not JFIF? I mean I have seen some professional websites use JFIF but then again… websites really big ones, do not use that format. Why?
  8. Do you want a beer or something non-alcoholic coca cola for helping me out with these questions? You can write me your paypal in messages or something…