Organizing Github repository with multiple NPM packages

I have a JavaScript frontend plugin that is on Github. This plugin is also available on NPM. Now I’ve decided to adapt framework wrapper for popular frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue. These will also be available on NPM as separate packages with the corresponding framework suffix. So in the end the NPM packages will look like plugin, plugin-react, plugin-ngx, plugin-vue.

How to organize the GitHub side? There are a bunch of options which have pros and cons:

  • I could open a new repo for each package, so in the end I’ll have 4 repos for essentially one plugin
  • I could simply add new folders to the current repo and keep the framework wrappers there. But if I do this and let’s say I’ve a bug in just the React wrapper, how do I manage the release? On NPM only the version of the React wrapper will increase, but on GitHub I’m forced to update the version of the whole repo and things will get messy (or is there another way I don’t know about?)
  • I could keep the current repo and organize it with different branches, so each branch would contain one wrapper. Here I could also do releases per branch, release versions/tags would match on GitHub and NPM.
  • A completely different possibility I don’t know about.

I have little experience with this kind of stuff and I hope someone has a good advice. Maybe there are even official guidelines for this things, but I couldn’t find any since I’ve struggled to formulate this problem in a Google search.