out of memory bug

Not sure why I get this lately, It first throws an error saying ‘Ouf of memory’ my vps is running out of memory (a message from GSA SER).
I am running GSA SER on 1k threads with private proxies and a vps from solid seo with this config:
Cores: 12
Ram: 12 GB ECC Dedicated
HDD: 120 GB Pure SSD
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
Port Speed: 10Gbps Port speed

I also run gsa cb with xevil set as a secondary option.
Below is the performance from task manager (although it throws that error it still says its running and it runs)

I’m running 18 projects and have a Lpm of around 40-45.
I have lowered down my threads to 500 and will get back to you if it fixes itself.
Thanks !