Overexposed and not clear photos Olympus stylus 1

I am having some issues when taking photos with my Olympus stylus 1. When setting things in auto photos are overexposed and a bit blurry. I have taken the same photo with a gopro5 all in auto and the result is perfect while with the olympus is pure garbage. After analysing the metadata of the photos the results are:

  • Gopro

    • exposure time 1/2410
    • Aperture Value 2.97 EV ( f/2.8 )
    • ISO Speed Rating 100
    • Focal Length 3.0 mm
  • Olympus

    • exposure time 1/2000
    • ISO Speed Rating 1600
    • f/8
    • Focal Length 6.0 mmm
    • Focus to distance 15.34 m

The image taken as a sample was from a landscape. The first extrange thing I notice is that the focus to distance from the olympus seems incorrect, the mountaing of the foto was far away. This added to the high ISO may be responsibles in my opinion of the blurryness.

Secondly the olympus’ photo is clearly overexposed. As far as I am concerned the overexposure may come from the higher ISO the olympus camera is choosing when on auto. If i set it to manual and compensate the exposure the image in the display looks correctly exposed and if I lower the ISO the display shows a really dark photo, there is a mismatch between the image I see in the display and the resulting image.

Any guidance on what could be causing this issues?