Glad to be here!

Thanks a lot for accepting me. Hope to learn nice things here. God bless Forgot to say I'm interested about SEO, and I do web design for a living.

Looking for backlink vendors

I am searching for backlink vendors, only english-speaking websites, financial topic. Another option is business, news, technologies, cryptocurrencies related sites. Only high-quality, active and developed websites, real traffic, no spam….

what happen to dmoz?

i was wondering what happen to the site? i am interested in building a free web directory site with free directory script.. please show me some lights. thanks


Why are you selling this site? How is it monetized? Does this site come with any social media accounts? How much time does this site take to run? What challenges…

ipv4 current pricing

Hello, i have a /23 EU (RIPE) ipv4 subnet , that is currently not being used. what is the current market pricing for leasing ipv4 ? t… | Read the…

IBM launches blockchain based payments.

IBM announced the launch of blockchain based payments, partnering with Stellar Blockchain, dispensing with the need for banking intermediaries in institutional transactions. Called the Blockchain World Wire payment network, it offers clearance…